Two Friends, They Went A' Dancing...Singing games and children's dances from Poland

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Maria Bielski and Janina Dobkowski, two life-long friends who enjoy dancing and singing are the authors of Two Friends, They Went A’ Dancing… a book of Polish children’s singing games and dances. The spiral bound book contains lyrics of these popular singing games in both English and Polish, a vocal music score with chords, and clear step by step movement instructions. A CD of the songs with accompaniment is included, so that parents, grandparents, teachers, and children can immediately enjoy the songs and games. Each page has an original “wycinanki” (Polish cut-out style) illustration, designed by artist Joanna Bielska.
The 22 minute Two Friends, They Went A’ Dancing… DVD shows kids dancing and enjoying these singing games.  If you’re not sure of the formations, hand claps, or other movement directions, just watch and join the fun. Some dances are performed in Polish folk costumes. 

In the companion Two Friends, They Went A’ Dancing… Coloring Book, printed on quality paper, you can draw and color the story of each song, or reproduce any of the “wycinanki” icons for educational purposes. Craft ideas are included.

The authors assembled these resources for anyone interested in folk culture. They hope these materials will help to pass on Polish traditions to those who may not be fluent in Polish.   Teachers, occupational therapists, ethnic dance directors can use them to enrich their classroom program, physical education curriculum, music and dance classes or children’s events. The audio CD can be played during assemblies, multicultural fairs, and community parties for children and adults, car trips, and sing-a-longs. A convenient format of all the lyrics in English and Polish can be downloaded from our website. The books, CD, and DVD make an ideal gift for anyone who loves music, dance, and folk art.
Janina DobkowskiMaria BielskiBoth authors are teachers by profession and have an extensive background in Polish folk art, music, and dance. They are members of the Polish American Folk Dance Company, NY, and the Polish American Teachers Association, which has its headquarters at the Kosciuszko Foundation, NY, and the Marie Sklodowska Curie Professional Women’s Association, NY of which Maria Bielski is the current president. Janina is a member of the National Dance Education Organization, Connecticut Dance Alliance, and a board member of Dance and the Child International, USA which fosters dance opportunities for children.
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Additional Materials / Free Downloads

Sample page from the book - View PDF


Book contents & CD track list
(Click links to sample music)

  1. The Carousel
  2. The Elephant
  3. A Girl Went Walking
  4. The Goat Herder's Dance
  5. Karolinka's Basket
  6. The Kerchief
  7. This Old Bear
  8. The Quail
  9. The Train
  10. Two Friends - Song
  11. Two Friends - Dance


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Additional Materials/Free Downloads

A Girl Went Walking: Free Song Download, Score and Dance Movements!

Szla Dzieweckza IconSome people have requested the traditional Slask regional waltz music for A Girl Went Walking. Here is an audio file, music score and suggested dance movements for Szla Dzieweczka Waltz. Enjoy!

Lyrics (English)

Tekst piosenki (Polish)


Our dance troupe has purchased all of these amazing resources, and we use them every week with our dzieci group. Thank you so much for providing these treasures for us all! Manya Pawlak-Metzler, Harmony Polish Folk Ensemble, Cheektowaga, NY

Thank you so much for your wonderful book, CD and colouring book. They arrived in time for the birthday celebrations. The children ended up doing only the Carousel, but have grand plans to do another dance or two at the next (Polish) family function. We used the artwork in the colouring book to make paper cut out cards too. The children loved doing that! So thanks again for your fantastic service and product!
Alison, Taupo, New Zealand

I received your book and CD. They are awesome! I am using them for my Girl Scout Troop (Kindergarten 5 and 6 year olds). We are having a Multicultural Dinner Party and the troops in the area had to pick a country and I chose Poland because I am Polish. We also have to bring a small dish to pass around and I will be making Chrusciki.   I’ve seen the Carousel dance on the internet and thought that would be fun. My girls absolutely love it! Thank you for putting together something so wonderful.
Carmen, Muskegon, MI

As a New York City pre-school teacher, I absolutely love your song book with CD and related coloring book.  My students were thoroughly enthralled with experiencing it and shared their learning at home.  We eagerly anticipate using it more!
Kathleen, NY

What tunes we used: We have used Karuzela, Koziorajki, and Dwom Tanczyc sie Zachcialo. Karuzela we have used for children aged 5 and 6. Koziorajki we have used for ages 7-9. Dwom Tanczyc we've used for children aged 10-12. We have had good responses from both teachers and children (especially Polish children, of which there are a fair number in Ireland). At some point I'd like to use The Quail to see how that works out. The guitar and voice accompaniment is fine, but I feel that the introduction of at least one more instrument, and possibly a second voice, would help to bolster the production. The instructions are easy to follow. Many thanks for your work and care.
Larry (folk dance teacher), Cork, Rep. of Ireland